Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) Therapy


FSM Offers Drug-Free Pain Relief

FSM works by placing electrodes at specific sites on a patient's body depending on the physical location of their pain. The current travels through the electrodes and into the skin reducing the perception of pain.

Having worked in natural medicine for almost thirty years, PNMC's founder, Val Allen, initially found it strange having to rethink some hardened concepts regarding the body's pain responses when working with the new FSM equipment.

Science dictates that certain body parts require specific time frames to settle pain before healing.

Excess scar tissue and fibroses causing conditions, such as carpel tunnel or frozen joint problems, are painful and restricitive. Patients have reported that pain generally subsides within the first two treatment sessions, the restriction and numbness by the third, and improved joint movement returns by the fourth (and in one patient case, the fifth) treatment sessions. Achieving this with less time off from work and putting up with an immobile joint is truly remarkable.

Val continues to supervise and write all programs for FSM whilst Adele and Jacqui are our regular FSM practitioners. There are dozens of applications for FSM, so if you have a problem which you feel may benefit from this treatment please phone or email Adele or Jacqui to discuss this.

There are FSM frequencies available to treat a myriad of different painful conditions.If you would like to find out whether FSM treatment may be of benefit to you, call PNMC on (08) 9328 9233, or email through your enquiry to

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