Pat McLaughlin

pat1Personal Counsellor

Pat is a native of Ireland who was born in Singapore and just kept going. She considers herself fortunate to have the experience of living in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Working extensively in management over the last 20 years, Pat has a particular sensitivity to business-related stress problems and works with “performance development counseling” which Pat describes as “getting the best out of oneself in the professional areas by solving the issues that challenge one in every area of one’s life”.

She has extensive experience in working with meditation, business intuition and body energy techniques, together with a wide variety of more traditional methods and has solid experience as a Corporate Trainer, Sales Manager, Training Manager, Independent Consultant and Company Counselor. Pat is someone who has “been there” and will assist clients to go where they need to go in a way that is purely personal to their own experiences.

Pat provides a unique support network that promotes growth, self esteem, self awareness and self knowledge; the result is strong consistent performance in every area of a person’s life and the peace, happiness and achievement which that person deserves. She specialises in leadership, life directions, money and relationship issues, stress, anxiety, emotional problems and the need to achieve, and will assist her clients to experience and utilise the “added dimension”.