Rebecca Dawson

rebecca1B.A. (UWA)

Frequency Resonance Practitioner/Holistic Counsellor

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Energetic Diagnosis
  • Vibrational Frequency Alignment
  • Cellular Blueprint Mapping
  • Vibrational Grid Construction … and making sense of life!

Born and educated in Perth, it was Rebecca’s passion for understanding the common fabric of life that led her to pursue studies in psychology and anthropology. While embarking upon her thesis on the evolution of social consciousness, Rebecca realised that her path was moving towards more experiential application of what she was discovering, rather than academia.

A love of people and culture led Rebecca to spend many years of adventure travelling and living overseas, including long stints in the UK and Indonesia. Always aware that pearls of wisdom arise in the most ordinary of situations, she allowed herself to observe, absorb and integrate experiences into her ever evolving understanding of who and what we are. It was during her travels that she discovered and developed her skills in interpreting and clearing emotional residue in varied environments, which led to being able to work directly with people. Years of mediation and channelling have allowed Rebecca to become aware of how working with individuals directly correlates with vibrational grid structures and global wellbeing.

A natural intuitive, Rebecca has the ability to observe emotional and vibrational energy, and assists in the clearing of patterns no longer beneficial to your life experience. By accessing unconscious thought and emotional memory processes and bringing them into your awareness, adjustments are made that result in mental and physical rebalancing.

Having enjoyed many years counselling, facilitating and teaching others about the innate abilities and wisdom within each of us, Rebecca is now making herself available to those who are looking to make sense of all the changes that are simultaneously occurring on individual and global levels.

Since becoming a parent, it has become a natural progression to apply what she has learnt in our understanding of how our children operate and function (so different to us!). She has also conceived and developed an emotional awareness program for children that has been successfully trialled in a primary school setting and since integrated into the school’s behavioural management program.

Rebecca’s philosophy is one that respects and honours the wisdom within all of us, and firmly adheres to the principle of empowering others to be active participants in their own transformative experience.

“Igniting the wisdom within”