What gifts did the Three Wise Men really bring?

By Val Allen, Naturopath –

Research shows that their ‘Gold’ wasn’t a precious metal.

At this time of year, we are reminded of the Nativity Story and the journey made by the ‘Three Wise Men’ from the East to find baby Jesus and bring precious gifts to him.

History records these gifts as gold, frankincense and myrrh. Bearing in mind that centuries ago, medicinal spices were expensive and highly valued and that the Wise Men came from eastern spice trade areas, it is more probable that ‘gold’ referred to turmeric or possibly saffron. Both turmeric and saffron are golden in colour and very precious for strengthening the immune system – frankincense and myrrh have similar immune properties. In an age where people died early from diseases, these gifts were certainly worthy for a ‘King’, and more likely an offering to prolong the life of a king.

I’d like to share a (true) ‘Three Wise Men’ story with you with the kind permission of my patient, Linda.

Linda recently attended her 5-year old grandson’s Christmas concert and Nativity play. Three little boys, all dressed as the Three Wise Men, lined up to present their gifts to baby Jesus. The first little boy confidently said “Here is a gift of Gold”. The second little boy said “Here is a gift of Myrrh” and the third boy must have been a bit nervous and overawed with the occasion and said “Frank sent this”.

Laughter is one of our most precious gifts!

I’d like to wish all readers a safe and laughter-filled Christmas and a happy, healthy 2018.