Natural Therapies Small Businesses under attack – Part 1

By Val Allen, PNMC Director & Naturopath – What on earth is going on? Are Australian politicians determined to close natural therapy small businesses and our thriving natural medicine industry?

So far, our industry has survived the attacks that politicians of both major parties have been responsible for instigating. Michael Bracka, CEO of Integria Healthcare has issued a very informative article to help you understand how important it is to let your politicians know that you demand that naturopathy and herbal medicine private health fund rebates are reinstated. His article is as follows:

A recent Australian federal Department of Health report stated that “…a review chaired by the former Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer found there is no clear evidence demonstrating the efficacy of the listed natural therapies.” Based on this, many private health insurance companies are no longer providing patient rebates for various natural therapy modalities, including naturopathy and herbal medicine.

Last year the Australian federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, was flooded with emails and signatures collected via the “Your Health Your Choice” petition, asking him to save health fund rebates for natural medicine modalities. The ground swell of public protest against the health fund rebate changes almost worked and a compromise almost reached. Unfortunately, however, this was repressed due to the LNP leadership spill.
So we are now back in a position where we must speak up if we are to save health rebates for naturopathy and herbal medicine. Integria Healthcare has been working with Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA), the peak industry body for the complementary medicines industry, to address this.

We have been working with the CMA in support of the “Your Health Your Choice” campaign and using this to draw public attention to this serious issue impacting the natural medicines sector.
We now ask you to share your thoughts on this matter with our parliamentarians. Please click the link below and share your thoughts. Any message you send will be directed through to the relevant ministers and senators for your postcode, helping our country’s leaders understand how strongly this matter is affecting their electorate.

Politicians consider every personalised message to be worth 100 votes so let them know your concerns. Ask your family and friends to do the same! ANY feedback, even just a sentence, will send a strong message to the leaders of Australia and can make a very real difference.

If you feel strongly that private health fund rebates for naturopathy and herbal medicine should be reinstated, please click the link to send a message to our Government! Click here to have your say. Also, click here to make sure you sign the petition, initiated and endorsed by the Naturopaths and Herbalists Associations of Australia.

This issue is so important to Natural Therapies Small Businesses.

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