Naturopathy rebates AXED by flawed Government review

By Val Allen, PNMC Director & Naturopath – I’m very pleased to report that all my patients are absolutely outraged at the Government’s removal of private health fund rebates for the natural therapies, in particular naturopathy, the very backbone of our business. With the forthcoming Federal election in May, the  pressure on Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, to remedy this debacle and reinstate naturopathy and herbalism is mounting.  University research just released clearly shows that the basis for the Government’s decision to axe these rebates is seriously flawed. For more information about this research click here.

A petition calling for a Senate Enquiry into bias against natural therapies and why Government-funded reports have ignored positive evidence has already been signed by over 106,000 people.

For more detailed information about the rebate issue click here and take 60-seconds to watch this background video.

The following article was recently posted by and is well worth reading.


Your voice is being heard!

Over 11,000 of you have already responded to the call and emailed Health Minister Greg Hunt asking him to lift the ban on private health insurers offering rebates for natural therapies. Thank you!

The good news is our voices ARE being heard.

We have been informed that EVERY email is being read with each response from a registered voter considered worth 100 votes. That means your voice represents the views of 99 other voters who haven’t taken the time to express their concerns.

While the decision used to justify rebate cuts rests on outdated and flawed Government review claiming “no clear evidence” could be found, a new world-first study just published by Southern Cross University researchers demonstrates the effectiveness of Naturopathy in a wide range of chronic conditions. In the light of strong evidence, the decision to cut rebates based on false assumptions needs to urgently be reconsidered. Read more here:

With the Liberal National Party (LNP) facing political defeat, we MUST keep the pressure on to see real change happen!

Watch and share this 60-second video to see how your right to choose or practice your method of healthcare is at risk.

If you haven’t yet done so, please submit your email to the LNP via this link. If you already have, please ask your family and friends to do the same: a simple line or two is all that is needed.

Be sure to ask your friends and family to visit
and sign the petition and have their say.