Hemaview™ Live Blood Screening – Take a better view of your health


Perth Natural Medical Clinic’s Naturopath specialising in Hemaview™

Hemaview™ is a form of live blood screening that may help yourPractitioner improve your health more effectively than ever before. Hemaview™ involves microscopic examination of live blood in real time Using only one or two drops of your blood, our Practitioner will use Hemaview™ to investigate the size, shape and ratios of the red cells, white cells and platelets in your blood. You may have had blood tests before, but nothing compares to seeing your own blood live on then screen in front of you.

Just look at the results

Hemaview™ Practitioners are fully trained to screen your blood and explain how different aspects of what they see may relate to your health.

Your Practitioner will work with you to develop a dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your health. Not only will you feel the difference, but with Hemaview™ you can see changes in your blood as your treatment progresses.

Customised Report

Your Practitioner can provide you with a customised computer report on the key features in your blood. This includes information on the importance of these features for your health, and recommendations on how you can improve your health status. Best of all you can keep a record of your progress and see how your blood picture improves over time!

Seeing is Believing

Hemaview™ Live Blood Screening allows you and your Practitioner to see the positive effects that your diet, lifestyle and supplemental program is having on your health.

Trough a viewing of your living blood, your Practitioner may be able to develop more effective health strategies tailor-made for you. Ask your Practitioner how your health might be improved through the use of Hemaview™.

Ask us today how your health might be improved through the use of Hemaview™.