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Perth Naturopaths since 1979

As one of the most established, trusted and largest natural medical clinics in Australia, we pride ourselves on our exceptional practitioners, who collectively have over 230 years of experience in the industry. Our team provides a co-ordinated in-house approach to a broad range of health conditions.

Our excellent track record and long list of satisfied patients has helped us achieve our impressive Australia-wide reputation from our base in Perth.


All our Naturopaths are accredited by the ANTA Accreditation Board and are registered by the Federal Government’s TGA, which allows them to prescribe high-potency therapeutic nutritional supplements designed to correct health problems as opposed to relatively low dosage over the counter products . This ensures patients receive cost-effective and successful treatments.

Nutritional Medicine

The cornerstone of naturopathy is nutritional medicine. It is our main function and focus as nutrition plays an important role into every function of our lives, holistically, physically and mentally.

It is well recognised that a healthy, nutritious diet is the cornerstone of good health and this plays a vital role in the guidelines given by our PNMC practitioners.

Busy lifestyles and convenience fast foods can often compromise health levels. Quite frequently, simple dietary adjustments can dramatically improve the energy, stamina and immune systems of individuals.

All humans are unique in terms of biochemistry, metabolism, anatomy and genetics. Our internal environment differs in gut flora, integrity of the intestinal wall and the immune system are all different and unique in their composition and complexity.

A generalisation on nutrition does not work with everyone's differences and circumstances. Everyone’s balance point is different and it changes over time. That is why at PNMC our Naturopaths home in on finding your nutritional balance point to achieve the maximum wellness that you are seeking.

Meet our experienced Naturopaths and their Specialisations

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Val Allen

Dip.Ed., ND

Founder & Principal Naturopath

Val is recognised as the ‘Matriarch’ of Natural Therapies in Western Australia, having been practising, lecturing and involved in representing Naturopaths at a national level since 1979. Val is a Fellow, Life Member and past National Council member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association and is well known for her regular health column in the West Australian newspaper, her health handbook Very Wellness, regular media interviews and is valued by the many thousands of patients who are still guided by her care.

Having such a large patient following and with her special focus on complex cases and cancer patient care, Val has selected a team of excellent, very experienced professional colleagues to cater for the ever- increasing volume of patients. These practitioners will successfully guide you on your wellness journey. This means that there is always an appropriate practitioner available to address your specific health concerns within PNMC.

After 1973, Val diverted from science teaching to Naturopathy when she was able to prolong her terminally- ill husband’s life by fifteen months, instead of the predicted six weeks to allow bonding time for their newborn son. This was achieved by dietary and nutritional changes alone and convinced Val that she could, through naturopathic training, make a real difference to the health of Western Australians.

That loss, love and compassion is what drives her and why Perth Natural Medical Clinic is the success it is today. 

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Lesley Oakes


Thyroid, Hormones, Skin Health & Healthy Ageing

Lesley is a Naturopath and Board Certified Anti-Ageing Health Practitioner with Australian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine. Lesley is also Australia’s first naturopath to achieve Board Certification from the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine. She is a Fellow of the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

Whilst known for her caring, professional manner and a long history of successfully treating patients, Lesley believes in embracing new technology to accurately assist in analysing body systems.

Lesley specialises in optimising hormone and thyroid balance. She uses advanced laboratory testing to develop treatment protocols to assist with hormonal imbalances and declining hormones.

Adequate levels and an appropriate balance of hormones are necessary for maintaining optimal health and wellbeing in both males and females.

Her passion lies in the area of anti-ageing, vitality and longevity which is concerned with decreasing the risk of all illnesses and conditions associated with accelerated ageing such as fatigue, weight gain, heart disease, inflammatory conditions, dementia, osteoporosis etc.

Lesley believes that with proper assessment, monitoring and coaching, the body’s metabolism can be shifted favorably, energy levels Improved , the risk of accelerated ageing can be avoided and that early testing and treatment protocols can help maintain good health for as long as possible, increasing your health span, not just your lifespan.

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Natalie Pickering

Natalie Pickering

Dip.App.Sci. (Naturopathy), Dip, NFM

Women’s Health, Fertility & Preconception Care 

Natalie is one of Australia’s leading Naturopath specialists in natural fertility with specialised training in natural fertility and pregnancy management.

With over 20 years of remarkable success helping hundreds of couples to overcome their fertility obstacles, reclaim their fertility and create the family of their dreams, she has developed a specialised fertility program focused on natural approaches to enhancing fertility.

Natalie provides evidence based naturopathic medicine alongside a meaningful, warm connection with her patients. She is passionate about women’s health, children’s and infant’s health and has a special interest in helping her patients prepare for conception or overcoming fertility obstacles to eventually become parents of happy, healthy babies.

Natalie completed post graduate studies with one of Australia’s most renowned natural fertility experts. Since then she overcame her own obstacles of PCOS and recurrent miscarriage to give birth to two precious daughters in 2007 and 2011. She has felt honoured in guiding and supporting hundreds of couples along their journeys to parenthood. Natalie’s expertise is in natural fertility, IVF support, recurrent miscarriage, male fertility, pregnancy care, birth and breastfeeding support, post-partum care, infant and child health.

As an expert in this field Natalie uncovers all the elements of your story to understand the problem deeply and holistically then empowers, nurtures and supports you to overcome obstacles and enjoy wellness.

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Sam Botica

ND, Dip.Hom.,Dip.App.Sc.(Nat), Grad.Dip.Acup., Dip.RM

Gut, Autoimmune Health, Mental Health 

Sam’s health career started out in nursing before she found her passion as a Naturopath, giving her an excellent understanding of western and complimentary medicine.

With 22 years experience in Natural Medicine and continuing studies, Sam enjoys treating all conditions with her special interest in gastro –intestinal and immune / autoimmune conditions and their links to emotional and mental health. Sam uses advanced pathology testing, including salivary hormone tests, iridology, hair mineral analysis and traditional blood tests to assist in analysing and uncovering the cause of poor health and for guidance in finding appropriate treatment protocols. Identifying & treating food and chemical sensitivities along with pathogenic infections are one of Sam’s special areas of expertise.

As a Naturopath, Sam treats holistically, focusing on optimising her patients’ health and wellbeing and decreasing the risk of all illnesses, whilst treating acute and chronic conditions using herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle advice.

Sam’s experience, empathy, focus and use of advanced pathology testing will place you on the right path of health maintenance with natural approaches and lifestyle choices.

Find that calm balance with Sam.

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Non Invasive Testing


Melissa Hohaia

Adv.Dip.(Nat), Adv.Dip.(WHM), B.Sc.(Human Biology), Cert.(Health & Fitness)

Women’s Health & Weight Management Specialist

Melissa is as heart-felt and real as they come. She gets it because she is walking the walk – living life as a modern-day woman and navigating the challenges that come with the territory. As a specialist in all things women’s health she offers realistic and practical solutions to everyday health issues that will leave you empowered and in control of your wellness.

After working for over 18 years in the health and fitness industry, Melissa has gathered a wealth of knowledge. She is well equipped to de-code your health struggles and support you in transforming your wellness with the most up-to-date and appropriate testing and treatment solutions.

A consult with Melissa will leave you feeling truly listened to. She cares and is committed to you feeling better. She passionately believes in an integrated and personalised treatment approach and has creatively combined her in-depth knowledge of nutritional science, botanical medicine, and supplements, along with the correct use of pathology testing and lifestyle modifications to support the transformation of women’s health. She loves empowering women of all ages with essential knowledge about their miraculous hormonal mastery. Educating women on alternative treatment approaches to their common health issues is a special part of her practice.

Melissa has a special interest in hormonally-driven weight-loss resistance and fatigue management – she has supported countless women reclaim their glowing confidence and has successfully guided them towards a level of health that allows them to engage with their true health potential.

Melissa is a mum to three ‘little people’, wife to a FIFO New Zealander, and in her spare time loves getting outdoors in the sunshine and engaging in anything that allows her to explore her creative side.

Get your mojo back with Melissa.

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Edward Enever


Chronic Disease Practitioner and Cancer Coach/Mentor

Edward is a fully-qualified Naturopath whose main area of interest is in chronic disease and in particular, people with a diagnosis of cancer.

After himself defeating cancer three times, Edward now uses his skills and experience to guide patients through their journey with cancer and other chronic illnesses. To say this dad of 2 has walked your path is an understatement. He turned a scary, potentially life-threatening experience into one of the most positive things ever to happen to him.

If you have a diagnosis of a chronic or terminal disease or just want to upgrade to a better version of yourself, then Edward looks forward to working with you, mentoring and coaching you back to a more vital, happier, healthier you. Treating the physical aspects of your condition is only one aspect. Edward will look at the balance in all areas of your life, to change your mindset, unlocking the healing potential of your body and help you through your journey.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, Eddie is ready to help.

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