Rachel Dhanjal


Adv.Dip. Kinesiology
Certified Life Coach
Member,Australian Traditional Medicine Society


Areas of Expertise

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Overcoming Limiting Belief Patterns and Behaviours
  • Fertility

Rachel was born in England and relocated to Perth to begin a new life with her parents and twin sister. After experiencing bullying, and low self esteem as a child and teenager, physical manifestations of chronic pain and severe anxiety led her onto a natural path of self-discovery and personal development. Having moved to Brisbane in 2009, Rachel’s interest in health and wellness led her to begin her studies in nutritional medicine, where she began working alongside Naturopaths and Nutritionists at the Australian nutritional company Bioconcepts, where she developed a keen interest in Kinesiology.

Rachel realised that Kinesiology was a specialist modality that encompassed a truly holistic approach to healing, and relocated to Sydney where she began her studies at the Complementary College of Medicine. She completed her foundational work in Kinesiology principles, and studied psychology and the 5-element theory. After working intensely with a qualified Kinesiologist, her chronic back pain diminished, and her anxiety resolved.

Rachel later moved to Perth to complete an Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology graduating with the latest specialist areas of Kinesiology in Australia. Since graduating, Rachel has created a successful clinical following and completed further studies to complement her training. These areas include Life, Health and Wellness Coaching, and Kinesiology Brain Integration. Later this year she will also be qualifying in Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and NLP.

Rachel’s greatest passion is to help women to overcome physical symptoms of stress, and cultivate inner calm, confidence and connection to their true self. She has worked with many to overcome debilitating anxiety, and depression, and has achieved some incredible results working with women to conceive, when former IVF treatment and other natural therapies were unsuccessful.

Rachel believes that once you identify and resolve stress patterns held within the body, mind and energetic systems, the body is then free to heal. In your session with Rachel, she will use an integrated approach of her skills to assist you on your journey to wellness.