Holistic Counselling

Perth Natural Medical Clinic Holistic Counsellors are:

Pat McLaughlin
Rebecca Dawson

Accessing the wisdom within

Pat focusses on the concept of whole body healing so that both as an individual and as part of any relationship you can mentally, emotionally and physically be the best that you can be.

She specialises in a unique and effective form of personal counselling

We all go through periods where we there are specific problems in our life, we realise that perhaps we have been unhappy for a long time or we just might be ‘plain stuck’. There are always things we want and can’t seem to get.

What do you do? – How can you solve your problem?

Each person is a totally unique blend of accumulated experience and habitual belief patterns. Our problems often reoccur and that ‘thing’ that you want rolls further away.

Her work is entirely holistic and possibly quite different to anything else you may have experienced. It is based entirely in the intuitive and is a ‘guided’ resource. By observing ‘wisdom at work Pat can assist you with uncovering the seat of your problems and giving you tools to move forward.

The way we create our lives and live them is our own responsibility. To be able to understand your own patterns and cycles gives you the power to change them.

The work that Pat does has evolved over a 30 year period and has its basis in the development of strong and consistent intuitive communication which includes the ability to be able to read body energy.

People come to experience the work for many and varied reasons. Personal problems, unsolved ongoing sickness, motivation, increased performance in sport or work, general life review or spiritual learning.

Gaining an entirely different perspective is almost always a very healing experience.

Pat looks forward to working with you.

Holistic Counselling with Rebecca Dawson

With over 20 years experience as a spiritual practitioner, Rebecca uses integrated approaches such as intuitive energy diagnosis and channelled guidance to offer a broader perspective to your life experience.

Clients often come seeking advice, guidance, support and clarity during times of crisis, or when at a “crossroads” or when feeling “stuck” along the way.

Offering a perspective beyond our normal daily experiences, Rebecca guides clients towards a deeper understanding of their life purpose.  Understanding who we are brings clarity and peace of mind in our day to day lives, and allows us to encompass the greater perspective of universal consciousness.
Particularly beneficial for professionals who feel they have reached their “peak” and are looking for more meaning and purpose in their lives.

All sessions are recorded onto CD for the client’s reference.

Rebecca is available for clarity, guidance and spiritual mentoring.