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What is Pulse-Based Herbal Medicine?

Our Acupuncturist Marie Hopkinson explains :-

"After already studying 3 years, an internship in a Chinese medicine hospital, and a Masters degree in International health at Curtin uni, I though my “study days” were over.

But when I discovered the classical, pulse based herbal medicine style that I now only practice, it changed my life, and I had to delve in deeper. It’s more about what CM is supposed to be, and seeing the results for my patients, its been worth the investment.

So how does functional Chinese medicine work then?

Firstly, its’ about restoring function, not chasing symptoms around.

Functional medicine vs Symptom-based treatment is like fixing the car’s engine, Vs putting fancy petrol in the tank. Both might make the car sound better but one will keep it running in better condition for longer.

Herbs are prescribed to restore your body’s balance. When this happens symptoms should start to shift, as your body gets healthier, its your body that does the healing.

Classical Chinese medicine firstly does not set out in “treating conditions” but it’s more like we treat people, no matter what your health complaint(s), symptoms are we will do our best to mobilise your body’s functioning so you have the best opportunity to be restored to health.

I don’t turn anyone away from my practice, but after the initial consultation I will be able to give you an honest assessment of what I think the role of Chinese medicine and acupuncture might be able do do for you.

At Perth Natural Medical Clinic, we also offer a discovery call service. You can book a call by calling 93289233 where Marie will be able to discuss your individual situation over the phone, answer your questions and see if Chinese medicine is right for you."

What conditions can be treated with Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine)?

Our Acupuncturist Marie Hopkinson explains further: 

"Most of my patients initially seek help because of a particular health problem. This could be a be diagnosed disease or a symptom like a “cough”.

The style of Chinese medicine I practice is essentially about mobilising your own bodies resources, then it has to do the rest from there.

Herbs and acupuncture are about regulating your homeostasis function. When your body has has a perfect functioning environment, it’s inhospitable to illness and disease.

The style of Chinese medicine that embraces this, is the original form of Chinese Medicine, known as Classical Chinese Medicine.

Meet our Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Doctor

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Marie Hopkinson 

M IntlHlth(Curtin), CertIVTAA, ADTCM(Aust) CTCM(China)

Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Doctor

Marie has over 19 years clinical experience treating patients with Acupuncture and herbal medicine. Marie has a Masters of International Health and recently completed a three year intensive training program in pulse-based Classical Chinese herbal medicine. Marie has been lecturing in CM and Social science since 2004, currently teaching at Endeavour college of Natural Health.

Marie also runs a popular podcast channel, Chinese Medicine Podcast - The number one podcast & youtube channel dedicated to explaining Chinese medicine to laypeople.

Marie is passionate about helping patients experience the benefits of Chinese medicine in all stages and health problems through life. Marie has a thorough approach, every patient has an opportunity to discuss treatment strategy and ask any questions as part of the consultation process. After 19 years of practice, Marie still makes time for and welcomes new patients.

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