Remedial Massage Therapy

Reducing pain, discomfort and tension 
Helping with long term and acute pain

 What is Remedial Massage Therapy?

Soft tissue bodywork, or Remedial Therapy utilises many techniques including massage, to release pressure of muscles in spasm and to address tendon and ligament complaints.

It assists the body’s natural healing process and can help people of all ages whether the pain is from posture related issues or from injuries. Great for those mysterious “must have slept wrong” or “didn’t do anything different and now I have this pain” conditions. Barbara is good with detective work coming from her extensive experience with anatomy and movement. 

What problems do Remedial Massage Therapists treat?

Many – including the following:
- Back & neck pain and/or limited movement
- Shoulder and neck tension
- Headaches and migraines
- Hip pain,sciatica & lower back pain
- Improvement in alignment and posture
- Overuse injuries – particularly related to sitting at the computer

What methods are used?

- Myofascial release,
- Orthopedic massage to joints

- Myofascial cupping
- Deep tissue massage
- Orthobionomy
- Bowen Therapy
- Sports massage

- TMY releases – (Jaw)

These methods are used instinctively during treatment, as required for each individual – their symptoms, body type, age and condition. Where applicable, home retraining exercises and stretching is given.

Meet our skilled Remedial Massage Therapy team

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Barbara Beeck

Dip.R.T., Member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia MMMAA, ANTA

Barbara’s background before working in health was in teaching physical education in schools, teaching fitness classes in her own fitness business and farming in the South-West.

With over 23 years experience, Barb’s patients often report that their remedial massage treatment has overcome acute and long term problems. Her treatments are regarded by other PNMC practitioners as highly beneficial in supporting their treatment protocols. Barbara is good with detective work coming from her extensive experience with anatomy and movement

Barb’s treatments are covered by most health funds.

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Melissa Beeck

B.Sc., Dip. Reflexology

Besides being a busy mum herself, Melissa’s other interests include environmental health, safety and toxicity in personal care products, nutrition and gardening.

A trained Biological and Environmental Scientist, Melissa transitioned to achieve a full diploma in Reflexology in 2000. This requires substantial course and training hours at the highest level.

Melissa is a professional practising member of the Reflexology Association of Australia. She undertakes regular updating and further training and can confidentky help with such things as maternity reflexology and can help reduce lymphoderma during pregnancy.

Through delivering a thorough foot massage, Melissa assists sports people and those with nerve conditions to regain foot mobility. It is an excellent means of keeping “in Contact” with the muscles of your feet as you age, to better maintain balance to limit or avoid falls.

Many patients report having a sound night’s sleep after reflexology and to feeling much calmer for days afterwards. It is a powerfully relaxing experience as well as having many therapeutic outcomes.

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