Perth Natural Medical Clinic

Founded by Val Allen, one of Australia's leading naturopaths, our Perth Natural Medical Clinic has continually grown over the last 32 years.

Today, Val has a team of highly-qualified professionals comprising seven naturopaths specialising in natural therapy, nutrition, anti-ageing, cancer support, homoeopathy, fertility support, children's health, herbal medicine, two osteopaths, an acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, a podiatrist, a remedial therapist specialising in myofacial release, deep tissue massage, myopractic and therapies including Bowen, a reflexologist and an holistic counsellor.

Our aim is to help you live better, live longer and resist illness ...
we believe that we achieve this aim

Most of our business is created by referrals from our many patients and other professionals; this is how we have achieved our impressive Australia-wide reputation.

Joining us is Edward Enever, an experienced naturopath specialising in cancer support.Check out his profile.. Click here

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Are you a woman who is confused about her cycle and wants to know more about managing her hormones?
Melissa Hohaia and Natalie Pickering are excited to be offering empowerment sessions for women. For more information ... Click here

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